Assoc. Prof. Duncan John Mowbray


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duncan [dot] mowbray [at] gmail [dot] com
Current position
Associate Professor, School of Physical Sciences and Nanotechnology, Yachay Tech University
Hacienda San José
Urcuquí, 100119, Imbabura, Ecuador

Research Information

Research Overview

Juan de la Cierva Fellowship (JCI-2010-08156)
"First Principles Modelling of Low Dimensional Systems for Nanoelectronics, Nanosensing, and Photocatalysis"

ResearcherID: A-5531-2010

Ph.D. Thesis
Hydrodynamic Modelling of the Electronic Response of Carbon Nanotubes
Director: Zoran L. Mišković
Co-director: Frank O. Goodman
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
25 Jan 2007

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Latest publications

Optical Excitations of Chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b Monomers and Dimers
María Rosa Preciado-Rivas, Duncan John Mowbray, Ask Hjorth Larsen, Bruce Forbes Milne
Journal Of Chemical Theory And Computation (submitted), (2017)
Optical Absorption Spectra and Excitons of Dye-Substrate Interfaces: Catechol on TiO2(110)
Duncan John Mowbray, Annapaola Migani
Journal Of Chemical Theory And Computation 12, 2843 - 2852 (2016)